Tuesday, May 22, 2007

3-D Fitness News

3-D Fitness Corporation is pleased to announce that it was hired by Manhattan based architectural firm, Richardson and Sadeki (www.richardsonsadeki.com) to consult on two commercial gyms projects.

First, involves historical landmark – famous Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami, which undergoes a total renovation and will receive a brand new over 5000 sq ft gym.

Second, project is associated with construction of a new Fontainebleau Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. This monumental hotel structure, gets over 8000 sq ft gym, which will be designed like nothing before in the fitness industry.

Friday, March 2, 2007

10 Reasons to have a Private Gym

1. Cleanliness - no foreign viruses, bacteria, fungus.
2. Optimal privacy, therefore you set your own dress code/no makeup necessary/better focus on exercise.
3. Save time - on average you can gain one hour on your daily schedule while exercising at home.
4. No unavailable equipment or cardio machines time limits.
5. No annoyance factor such as unwanted music, odor, uncomfortable temperature, or cell phone addicts.
6. Personalized d├ęcor that stimulates owner's workouts and reflects their personal preferences.
7. Strong personal statement to stay fit and invest in healthy lifestyle.
8. Sets good example for children and other family members.
9. Increase in real estate value of home or apartment.
10. No membership fees and free guest passes.